Research of Ancient Philosophy


Buy from … Know More Based on the various translations I have done of the sthotrams, mantras, Tantras, Upanishads etc., I find our understanding of Shiva is quite different from what is described in these literatures. The notion of Shiva as a God, its religious association with divinity, as a belief or any emotions associated with it seems alien when these texts are translated and read. I find by associating emotions, judgement… Read More

This is a very intriguing sthotram. It definitely seems to describe what happens when “a part is split from a whole entangled due to a constriction”. It has described what happens to the “split part of the whole” not “what the entanglement” is? It does not describe “what is split?”. Can we assume it to be a “vibration”? Is it an entanglement of vibrations that is being talked about? Yet, it definitely… Read More

The first three verses I have translated here. In this blog I will translate the next three verses. The more I translate these verses the more I am wondering if what is written here is not a description of a series of effects of constricting “something (which is called entanglement or jaTa here)” and just letting one strand bend out from that entanglement! I wonder what the entanglement is? While the words… Read More