Research of Ancient Philosophy


At a very high level, a contextual translation of the ancient literatures indicate that Shiva is the environment that gets created due to the vibration(OM) yielding to the turbulence (Rudra) that is present in the Isha (a set of potentials). A constriction in the entanglement (created due to the turbulence), creates a Linga and causes a part of the vibration (OM) to hang perpendicular to this system. These vibrations circle over themselves… Read More

This is a very intriguing sthotram. It definitely seems to describe what happens when “a part is split from a whole entangled due to a constriction”. It has described what happens to the “split part of the whole” not “what the entanglement” is? It does not describe “what is split?”. Can we assume it to be a “vibration”? Is it an entanglement of vibrations that is being talked about? Yet, it definitely… Read More

The first three verses I have translated here. In this blog I will translate the next three verses. The more I translate these verses the more I am wondering if what is written here is not a description of a series of effects of constricting “something (which is called entanglement or jaTa here)” and just letting one strand bend out from that entanglement! I wonder what the entanglement is? While the words… Read More