Research of Ancient Philosophy


In this 6th part of the series Exploring science in ancient science, I will write about “thought”. In the previous blog, Understanding Transformation, I had written how everything around me is just a transformation of some underlying, which appears to me as either matter, light or any other observable that I can observe around me. As I had indicated in the previous blog, according to ancient science, that something which appears to… Read More

The Surya Siddanta is considered to be a book of ancient astronomy. Yet, a translation of this book gives us a totally different view of what is presented in the translations. But, it cannot be ignored that what is calculated using the translations from this book turn out to be accurate. I believe the reason for this is very simple. I will give a simple example to show why. If you have… Read More

I will not translate the Chandogya Upanishad here. It is more a prose style upanishad and I believe there is very good translation and interpretation of it by Swami Krishnanada here. What I wanted to write about is the Sanatkumar’s dialogue with Narada in chapter 3 of this Upanishad. That is something which I find is very revealing. There are few things that are worth while thinking about before trying to interpret… Read More