Research of Ancient Philosophy


As I have written in a number of my previous blogs, according to ancient science, time does not exist. Time is just an abstract appearance in the fifth dimension for a series of changes that exist in the other dimensions. What is present is a “series of changes” in the underlying truth that can be linked together, and this is called kAla. Tracing the sequence for formation of reality that is provided… Read More

In this 6th part of the series Exploring science in ancient science, I will write about “thought”. In the previous blog, Understanding Transformation, I had written how everything around me is just a transformation of some underlying, which appears to me as either matter, light or any other observable that I can observe around me. As I had indicated in the previous blog, according to ancient science, that something which appears to… Read More

The Surya Siddanta is considered to be a book of ancient astronomy. Yet, a translation of this book gives us a totally different view of what is presented in the translations. But, it cannot be ignored that what is calculated using the translations from this book turn out to be accurate. I believe the reason for this is very simple. I will give a simple example to show why. If you have… Read More

I will not translate the Chandogya Upanishad here. It is more a prose style upanishad and I believe there is very good translation and interpretation of it by Swami Krishnanada here. What I wanted to write about is the Sanatkumar’s dialogue with Narada in chapter 3 of this Upanishad. That is something which I find is very revealing. There are few things that are worth while thinking about before trying to interpret… Read More