Research of Ancient Philosophy


As I have written in Part 1 of the translation of this chapter, the first part of the chapter talks about “the environment and the knowledge of that environment”. The second part talks about “Prakriti” and “Purusha”. Here again we need to ask ourselves what is this “Prakruti” and “Purusha” that is being talked about. “Purusha” normally is translated as “man” in most places and “soul” in others. “Prakruti” is translated as… Read More

This chapter in Bhagavad Gita is called the Kshetra-Kshetragyana-Yoga. In the standard translations kshetra-kshetragyana is translated as “nature and the enjoyer”. While the actual translation can imply this, it is just a subset. The problem with such a translation is, it becomes very subjective and all understanding comes with respect to “me” which then twists the meaning irreparably. In life you can read a set of words any number of times, but… Read More