Research of Ancient Philosophy


In Aitreya Upanishad – Part 1, I had put down my translation of the Upanishad that talks about steps in creation (maybe it should be called evolution, but even that has a time element to it). This translation is the part of the same Upanishad that talks about  approaching this truth. It is true, that, to start to grasp the fact that there is a truth apart from this reality around us… Read More

Continuing from my previous blog of Kala Bhairava Ashtakam – Verse 1, going on to the next verse. In this verse again, translations miss out the subtle meanings in each of these informative lines. bhAnukotibhasvaraM bhavAbdhitArakaM paraM nIlakaNTamIpsitArthadAyakaM trilocanam kalakalamMbujAkshashUlamaksharaM kAshikApuradhinAthakAlabhairavam bhaje bhAnu+koti+bhasvaram+bhAvabdhi+tArakaM+paraM appearance + highest + shining + ocean of worldly existence + freeing + remote nIla+kaNTam + ipsita + artha + dAyakaM + tri + lochanam dark+ noise + impulse +… Read More