Research of Ancient Philosophy


I am not sure how I can express the beauty of this sthotram. Each and every syllable makes a difference to the meaning. What a flow, what a meaning! Yes, it is a tongue twister to even read it. But what I find should be appreciated more is the understanding. How much should the person who wrote these sthotrams have understood the concept to put them down in such beautiful flowing words!… Read More

I will not translate the Chandogya Upanishad here. It is more a prose style upanishad and I believe there is very good translation and interpretation of it by Swami Krishnanada here. What I wanted to write about is the Sanatkumar’s dialogue with Narada in chapter 3 of this Upanishad. That is something which I find is very revealing. There are few things that are worth while thinking about before trying to interpret… Read More