Research of Ancient Philosophy


I am not sure I have mentioned this, but I am a huge fan of Japji Sahib. It is to be pondered, that people like Guru Nanak, Shankaracharya, Gaudapadacharya existed within very recent rememberable periods of time giving us gems such as Japji Sahib, Gaudapada Karika for the Mandukya Upanishad, the Dakshinamurthy sthotram, Bhaja Govindam and so on in clear understandable language. Yet we tend to reject what is written and try… Read More

Over the years I have come to realize that we are all utter and thorough fools. There have been so many clues and indications, a huge amount of texts and sayings that scream the truth. Yet, we are all so determined to look at life only our way that we just ignore the obvious meanings in all of these and tend to add a complexity to them. I am not even anymore… Read More