Research of Ancient Philosophy


pitta, vAtA and vAyu are another of those huge stream of terminologies which all use loosely, with everyone having a different meaning and a different understanding. Just like astrology, mantras, sthotrams and many other ancient concepts, these also have degraded over time and taken on a totally different form and meaning in modern times and modern versions of ancient science. The original meaning and ideas of all these are lost in the… Read More

The BPHS or bRhat Parashara hora shastram is considered to be the primary driver for a number of Sanskrit works on jyotiSha. As I have indicated a number of times in many posts in this blog, there needs to be a certain level of understanding before a knowledge strikes you in a totally different meaning and you start understanding what is being said. The contents of this book is also the same…. Read More

Just like yoga, ayurveda and many many such themes existing in India, astrology is also something that is present in every nook and corner in India, coming down to us from ages in varied forms. It varies from someone giving me a daily prediction of what is going to happen today according to my star sign to someone picking up my kundali and giving me a prediction of how many doshas are… Read More