Research of Ancient Philosophy


This is the translation of the dhyan that accompanies the Dakshinamurthy sthotram, usually chanted either before or after the sthotram. This is again one among those numerous sthotrams that are very commonly recited, taught often and yet understood the least. As I have indicated before, I am a fan of Shakaracharya, Guru Nanak and so many others who had such insight to write these kind of sthotrams. What astounds me the most… Read More

The Dakshinamurthy sthotram is another one in a long list of sthothrams that are both seemingly simple but highly enlightening, if only we opened ourselves to knowing instead of understanding. In my view, to truly appreciate the value of these sthotrams, we need remove this feeling of divinity, awe and respect inbred in us when these sthotrams are read. These feelings only foster the need for miracles and protection restricting our ability… Read More