Research of Ancient Philosophy


In the Surya Siddanta – Part 1, I had started at the verse 11. But, going back and reading all the verses together, I realise the first 10 are very important to the definition of prANa. While I was under the impression that prANa is just any change, these verses give it a qualification to the change that is prANa. Also, the flow does not just start from 11th verse, but starts… Read More

Continuing from the previous blog of Maha Kalabhairava stotram, here I have translated the next few verses. I wonder very much what this stotram is really explaining. As I have said in “Language is the barrier“, “How can I as a person transfer the vibrations that occur within in my brain in the exact form to the next human being?” I am really starting to wonder if each of these “bija mantras”,… Read More

Each upanishad seems to talk about some aspect of the same basic truth with same concepts expounded from various angles. The Kena Upanishad gave an entry into the world of enquiring about the “I” by eliminating the external as the truth, the Isha Upanishad  talks about the manifestations of the same truth in different forms internal and external to us, the Chandogya Upanishad talks about the same truth as various steps as we… Read More