Knowledge gained or Knowledge lost

An analysis of the evolution of the IT industry forces on us the core question “As evolution progresses, is knowledge gained or is knowledge lost?” If we analyse: at the start of the computer revolution, there was a deficiency of sophisticated compilers, OS and other tools for easy programming. Hence anyone programming for computers had to understand the underlying working of the processor or the OS functions related to memory access such as “is it virtual memory, physical memory?”, file access details, OS system command related workings etc to write useful code. But in the current world, computer programming has evolved to the extent that all the underlying working of processors, OS and other frameworks are abstracted that all programmers have to think about are language syntaxes of highly abstracted languages such ruby on rails or javascript or HTML which comes nowhere near representing the actual working of the computer. So, it brings us to the question “As we evolved have we lost knowledge or have we gained knowledge”? The answer is intriguing, because while in the dimension of that which has evolved “the internals of the working of a computer”, we have lost knowledge, we have gained knowledge on a totally different front of “logic and application of computer applications”.


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