Ancient Science: Layers of awareness and evolution

In the book “A research of Shiva: The Enigma“, I have written about the “Layers of awareness” as explained by the Maha Kalabhairava sthotram. I should admit, many things I wrote a few years back has become more clearer as time as passed. As, I am sure we have all found in life, the more we think about something the clearer it becomes. As an aside from this topic, it is strange isn’t it that we have never really stopped to really think “Why this is so?”. As it can be readily seen from the algorithm I have explained in the book on “The algorithm of the universe (A new perspective to cognitive AI)“, the universe is “accumulative” in nature. As long as we keep a change that caused a thought alive steadily, we find that more changes accumulate around that thought reinforcing it, that, it starts to feel familiar to us, adding more details to it, causing it to achieve more and more clarity. This kind of a concept can be seen in many places in nature, it is just for us to see it. The best is seen when the waves of the sea hit the rocks in the sea. Over the years, we start seeing the most commonly produced force-pattern of the sea waves on the rock. Sometimes, the rock splits based on the force of the waves. It can be seen in the stones at the bed of rivers that are flowing. We find that as the years pass these stones tend to become smoothed out where all the protrusions are washed away by the flowing water. Similar is with out thoughts, as more and more changes accumulate, all the “else clauses” of the huge “if-else” filters out till the multitude related to that single concept emerges with clarity.

In this case of understanding layers of awareness, in my first book, I had been missing the actual knowledge of the meaning of awareness. It was very obscure, as it is for us all: “awareness or consciousness” is this vague, indistinct mass of something that allows us to recognise this external world, to think, reason, act and so on. But, what is awareness really? What transforms to this awareness, we do not know. When looked at from this perspective, the “layers” that are given in the MahakalaBhairava sthotram seems to be purely words that take on no knowledge. As I have lamented while explaining this sthotram in my blog, we have lost the meaning of the bija mantras to the sands of time. It has reduced down to a meaningless sound and because of which the meaning of this sthotram also is lost. To understand what they really mean, we need to delve deep into understanding the evolution of awareness itself. We tend to give awareness or consciousness an esoteric meaning, while in-fact I find it has a more mundane meaning. It just “a recognition of anything at all”. Because we give it a highly rarified meaning, we tend to put ourselves on a pedestal of being a conscious beings. Now, that I realise what awareness really is, the layers explained in the sthotram takes on a totally different meaning.

To simply explain awareness, as I have explained in the book “The algorithm of the universe”, awareness is fundamentally just the projection of the apex of our path into a projected world that we have created for ourselves. I have shown below diagram:

As I have said in all my books and many blogs, existence starts at some origin in this vast unidentified, unknown, unmanifested dataset and traverses a path. We should recognise that what path is, is also a very relativistic. When we talk about “path” from the perspective of “space”, we are looking at a change in location co-ordinates, when we look at “path” from the perspective of data, then we are looking at any change at all in data and so on. When we look at it as a “path” from the perspective of a specific type of change in data, then we are looking at a logic that forms a set of sequential changes. Now, what is sequential is also very relativistic and depends on a logic that gets built from the first set of data that formed the first change and such set of sequential changes forms existence. These concepts can easily be seen when we look at data analytics algorithms. We start at some seed data and as more data keeps getting added, we find that some sort of logic or sequence gets built and then data related to that logic can be searched. Though in our algorithms, we tend to pre-code the logic and sequence, while in reality this logic and sequence gets built.

In the above diagram, the path I have drawn is just representational and start at an origin and is progressing in some set of unmanifested data. When we look at the origin itself, it gets formed because it was able to retain itself because of observing itself, as I have said in the book, this is what is called atmanA atma, a self observing itself and hence staying steady. When the apex now disconnects from that which formed that first origin and start moving by extension and expansion into the expanse of data, the origin is able to identify that, that apex to be different from the origin. This then becomes awareness, and this gets projected into a fifth dimension or a dimension of conclusion (here the conclusion that apex is different from origin) as “I”. Around that “I” now, the various other such individuals recognised gets projects as different “I”s and so starts the very basic awareness.

If we start thinking about this, we find that this awareness should be nothing else other than an observation of a simple recurring “pattern of change” recognised by that origin from itself to the apex. This is shakti or the capability of that origin. So, why is it capability? Because the change that that origin can detect depends on what change forms a recognisable interference with the pattern of that self. For example, if I took two sine waves that are in-phase with each other and superimposed them over each other, we find there is no interference pattern formed. If the logic created uses phase change as a mechanism to detect changes from the origin sine wave to the second sine wave, then such a logic has no capability of detecting the second wave that is in phase. It can only detect waves that are out of phase. This forms the first and very basic layer of awareness, a recognition of a pattern of change or what is called prANA.

What is important to note here is observation is just a “way of describing” something by the origin. Here, that something “is described” as a change from the origin pattern, which is the very first level of awareness. If something cannot “be described” by itself, it cannot be observed and hence does not have awareness. Now, if we take the various levels of “description” of a single or multiple changes, then have got various levels of awareness. We can now start explaining the various existences that we find in the projected world that we have created, from this perspective. What we call “sentience” is not equal to awareness or consciousness. As I have said before, we cannot say that matter such as stone, mountain or any articles are “not aware”or have no path or existence or motion. Anything that is rendered in our projected world needs to have a path and hence an awareness at atleast the most basic level of knowing change, only then will they form the interference for us to detect their presence. But, given that our observations are limited to just “visible matter”, they need to have many layers over this basic description of change, to be rendered in the material world.

What we call sentience is more layers of description from this level of awareness of rendering into matter, which involves association of meaning to regularly recognised change patterns that form matter, which become “the essence” that we feel, such as familiarity to a person or thing. These essences are then analysed together to form the next layer of description and so on it continues, till we reach the layer of translated description which is represented by the signals in the brain. These signals are again translated by the definitions of language based on which language we know as description i.e., sentences and talk.

When we look at it from this perspective, all we can say is “we as humans have no clue as to what their level of awareness is w.r.t any other being”, because we simply do not have the capability of the other beings!!! I know my “level of description” passing through the various levels of description has come to this “rendered form of description” and that is all I can assume. Every other assumption will be wrong.

Evolution, thus, is not primarily a change of material form as is usually claimed (ape becoming human etc), but adding or accumulation of descriptions and evolution occurs inside out. As more descriptions get added, the form follows the description. We find that as we have kept acquiring different ways of describing and associating and forming sequences and groups of multitude of changes, one over the other, layer after layer, each giving a bit more clarity to the underlying description, various beings have evolved. Based on the number of layers of description present and a overlap of those descriptions with other awareness, they are either rendered into the world created by the other beings or not. The material form follows the underlying description, rather than the form creating that underlying description, that is the difference in understanding that is needed. Thus, these start form that secondary, tertiary, fourth level and fifth level thoughts that has got us to this point of what we currently have as reality where description is rendered as various actions that include such things as talk, modification of those awareness that is at the lower levels of description.

This becomes the most important point to “know”, note that it is a “know” not understand or describe. It should be known, only then can we even start thinking of jyothisha or a control of the seeking. If the correct description can be formed by the self, then, the first level of control of the environment around us starts. It only once we can gain this control can we start evolving out of the limitations of this fifth dimension that we live in.

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