Astrology: What is Mina rAshi?

Like many other terminologies, “rAshi” is also completely misunderstood in modern astrology. It typically is used to indicate one of the 12 (zodiac?) segments and hence starts the concept of janma rAshi or the sign under which you are born etc. So, minA rAshi is commonly translated as the pisces zodiac sign.

I do not believe this is the case. rAshi means “multitude” in Sanskrit and I believe this is exactly what we need to translate it as and not change the translation. If we read the 4th chapter of BHPS called “rAshisvarUpAdhyAyaH” translated to “rAshi + svarUpa + adhyAyaH = multitude + self nature + chapter” = the self-nature of multitude, we find that what is described here is purely the “mInA rAshi” and it does not talk about it as one of 12 rAshis. So, what is mInA? It is translated as “fish” and hence “minA rAshi” translated as the “Pices zodiac sign”. But, I believe mInA should have been translated to the “shape or form of the fish” rather than the fish itself. In-fact rather than a “fish shape”, I believe it is a “comet shape” which is more apt here. The reason it is considered to be a “fish shape” is because the document talks about a head and two tails. But, when this is read in the context, the meaning changes completely. I will use the “comet shape” as a translation here.

minA is first introduced in BHPS in chapter 2, which says:

ketormInAvatArashca ye cAnye teapi kheTajAH = keto + mIna + avatAra + ash + ca + ye + ca + anye + te + api + kheTa + jAH = the intention + (comet shape) + appearance + penetration + and + proceed + and + others + who + also + moving in air? / flying? (deteriorate / disintegrate?) + is born/produced
parAtmAMshoadhiko yeShu te sarve khecarAbhidhaH = para + atma + amsho + adhiko + ye + eShu + te + sarve + khe + cara + abhidhaH = remote /other + nature + part + subsequent / later + these (yA = attain?) + seeking + that + every / all + gaps + moving + in the surrounding

Translates to:

The appearance of intent is the penetrating comet shape and these along with other there, disintegrates the produced, remote nature of the subsequent part that attains seeking from those entire gaps moving in the surrounding.

As we see here, the verse is describing the shape of the “intent or keTa”, and describes it as a penetrating shape. Again it talks about an avatar of intention to be minA avatar. Hence, we find that minA is not really a zodiac sign or one of 12 signs, but really referring to something totally different which is the shape that intention takes when it is created and the shape the multitude takes on as the intent extends. Subsequently, minA is described in chapter 4. The translation of chapter 4 is as below (I have included the details of the translation here):

Here, where there exists thread connected to the remnant from the end of the prior broken performance, there, that coherence which is a result of the produced work is invoked. If the equilibrium of the manifested nature is the nature of series of changes that generates agitation, those others that cause to know that part as a point on the axis starts extending the series in multitudes. Expanding the prominent penetration coupled with subsequent best resting place balances the idle penetrations in the direction of the collection, the base(foundation?) of the primary comet shape thus exists. Along with the head and tail (of that primary comet shape?) the connected haunch and the hip move, coupled silently to the expanse connected to the origin those are also deprived of damage.

By knowing how the movement of the two extends the unrelenting series of the head, by the steady movement of the two by self-becoming, by the connected hardened & un-hardened individual direction. The fluidity of heat surrounded by three part clustered penetration moved by unrelenting work, rendering the attached expanding moving tail penetrating the four of the base network advancing to this place. The prior resident individual moving hardened (set energy band?) quality of the dopant, arising the rear pure and extending the multitude to the protected forward curves(??). The pure potent forward protected penetrating deep into the four preserving the pure streaming force approaching progress into multitude streaming dopants in the base network in the foremost risen rear (the rear is arising because of the multitude growing in the rear direction with the head moving forward). The rising of the head coupled to the individual engulfed by extracted essence(?), flowing from the rear two of the base network force in this place is the fluidity of the dopants in this place?

The balanced moving tail devoid of two equilibrium coupled with the obscure awakening of the protected forward faint movement of cluster and the creation strengthening its (the forward direction’s?) strength, by the movement of multiple parts, the dense manifests as the true fluid quality rising from the rear firmly penetrating by persistence the protected forward. The true nature of the resting pattern of the protected forward is four layered protected by the cluster rising from the head extending to the moving tails, faint after the invocation due to the strength of the interference. The subsequent obscure Irregular advancing is accompanied by multiple divisive forces of the rising head and the middle part, the two tails supporting the movement of that. The flow of the rendered image is dependant on the destruction of that produced, the subsequent connected inert newly arisen capability wakens in the protected forward.

The head arises by the clustering of the at-rest dopant quality, by the seeking of strength of interference, destroying the reverse movement of becomes in the middle of the two-part manifestation born due to the tails. The calm protected forward is a hollow created as multi-part with minute parts. The transformation of the seeking of the strength of the divisions in the constituent parts exists as the fluidity of the becoming. The self-seeking of the hollow is sharpened in the uppermost network, knowing the selected penetration and curves of the protected forward, rising the rear thus in the other direction of the self-change in density of its true nature. The accompanying pattern that strengthens the strength of seeking purely governed by the two-part, acquires favourable homogeneous movement of four-part tail breaking the direction. Before the conducive movement of vibrancy of the made creation exists the at-rest protected forward ends in the network thus approaching strengthening of strength of progress.

The rising of the rear by the extension of the moving tails by the work of the dense becomes, the end of the performance of the four-part is non-part moving fluid thoughts. The container containing the individual with movement rendered amid the manifestation of the two-part (previous division and protected forward? or is it head and tail?) existing amid the fluidity of the strength of interference of the thread of the rising head from at-rest. The changes of the self in the dependant rear place is due to the persistence of active work, the co-attached rear of the comet shape is the multiple divisional forces of the comet shape. The fluidity of the true nature of the inflexible quality penetration exists in its own state of fluid movement of the two-produced, the non-tailed middle form and its existing transformation, both rise in the previous division. The distillation of the progression of the awareness of the protected forward of the multitude invokes the qualities of three part nature and results in subtle density.

Thus the co-rendered destroys the weak flow of the moving individual impulse, the produced bonds are also together purified approaching the complete purification of the scattered one. Then, that co-rendered is arranged with other amiable produced bonded by knowledge of the entire movable/unmovable of the moving scattered one, in which is situated the becoming of the at-rest, that group within which, connections within bonds of the divisions are supported, starts producing multiples. In the start of the mAsa the established knowledge of the separately produced thoughts in the produced scattered one, in which is rendered seeking parts of fragments, that divided capabilities of transformation is connected. That series of changes approaches purification of controllable bonds after it manifests, both that clarified pleasant invokes specifically the core of that. The pleasant and unpleasant approaches invoking due to the perishing of the parent individual and bonding the scattered one connected together by knowledge appears as self.

I have tried to simulate what is explained in the animated GIF above. Let’s say we can divide the various thoughts that exist into divisions, each block representing a division of a network of thoughts. As new thoughts and divisions form, the previous division gets pushed out and a new division is present. The orange circles representing the cluster of thoughts that are present as a part of the network that is being accumulated to form the individual. According to what is described, as the previous division moves over to make way for the next obscure division, the multitude that get taken into the individual extends and expands as I had explained in the blog on “extension, expansion, motion and time“.

Here, we can see that as it moves if it extends and expands, then the girth increases with the accumulation of the multitude with the initial division in which it started being the narrowest and forming the head and the latest division in which it still exists and expands forming the tail, giving it the comet shape. Now, the intriguing question I had asked in the blog on “In which direction am I moving?” starts taking a meaning. The latest division is where my awareness exists and the previous divisions are a result of the persistence of the becomes. Thus, “I”, the consciousness as I know in this reality, exists at the latest division and feels as if it is moving towards the obscure forward division, when in-fact, if we take the head as the individual, it is moving in the opposite direction. It should also be noted, that if each of the divisions that form the thoughts do not continuously re-form the thoughts of the network of the previous division, then the shape is lost. It appears to be stationary and present even in the current division, because of the re-formation.

If this re-formation from the previous does not occur, then that form is broken and a new form starts occurring. Thus we find that to initiate this individual creation that continuous re-formation has to occur and harden that start cluster of thoughts first to start forming the head. Subsequently, the fluidity and flow of the multitude thoughts that come together to create the mina rashi also needs to maintain the correct levels to continuously draw out the form. If not, again this formation can break collapsing the individual. But, once both of this occurs, then vibrancy of existence occurs and we can start getting the self. This is explained in this chapter on mina rashi.

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  2. Hi
    interesting read but you have made one error.
    the shloka you are referring to here, from the 2nd chapter of BPHS, its about how the avatars of Vishnu are linked to the Navagraha.
    so here the word Meena is about the Meena avtar of Vishnu not the Meena Rashi.


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