Ancient Science: Which direction am I moving?

Which direction am I moving? This seems a very strange question to ask right! But, bear with me. In modern science we have it very clear. We have a past, a present and a future. We are moving from the past into the future where events that have started becoming complete their progress and hence “become” a past. But, is it as simple as that? But, before we go into examining this question in depth a more important question to ask ourselves is “What is called a forward direction in the first place?” If I took a sheet of plain paper and drew a line in it, which end of that line is considered the forward direction and which is considered the reverse direction? Unless I define forward as that direction in which the line is increasing in size when maintaining the stable position of the paper and then compare multiple snapshots of the length of the line continuously to check in which direction the length is increasing, I cannot indicate a forward direction for the line.

Now, let us consider the same when something is in motion. What is forward motion? For example, if I am seated facing the driver in a bus, then the bus and “I” are travelling in the same direction I am facing. But, if I am seated with my back to the driver, the question arises, “Am I moving reverse” or “Is the bus moving reverse”? Again to be noted, if the forward direction is defined w.r.t my intent, then the bus and me are travelling forward, even though I am facing the reverse direction. But if the forward direction is defined w.r.t my direction of seating, then the bus is travelling reverse to my direction of seating. Another curious point to note here is the “movement of the surrounding environment when the bus is moving”. Say there were a line of trees planted on both sides of the road on which the bus is travelling. When you are facing towards the direction of movement of the bus, the trees appear to be moving reverse to the direction you are facing and when you are facing the opposite direction, the trees appear to move in your facing direction appearing from behind. We all have experienced the illusion where we fail to recognise the direction of travel of the vehicle we are in, when there is very less vibration and no reference against which to measure movement. I am sure all of us have experience the feeling of moving in the reverse direction when two buses of the same or similar speed pass each other in the same direction.

Now, let us compare this to the paths of existence that forms existence and reality. Here, for all appearances, the apparent “time increase” appears as a forward direction, against which we classify past, present and future. We tend to assume that our direction of forward movement in our paths of existence is in this direction of time increase. But, is it so? Does it appear so because we have defined time the way we do, as an increasing counter? Or does this appear to us because of the transformation of the series of changes just as how the base network appears as space? As I have indicated in many other places, ancient science does not talk about time, but about “series of changes or kAla”. As I have indicated in my book “Surya Siddanta: Emergence of empirical reality“, in modern science we have created relative measurements. All our measurements are relative to some base defined using one of the constructs in nature. Time is a measurement against the time of decay of an atom of cesium-133. There is no way for us to know or confirm that all observables (moveable/immovables) have the same increments of change as the defined period by cesius-133, we can also not know if changes are perfect increments of this definition. Such a definition is fraught with problems when we look at scientifically studying the environment around us.

In fact, if we read the ancient literature, it does indicate that increments of change vary between observables (movable /immovables). When this is the case, any measurement related to one path of existence, can only be made against parameters defined w.r.t itself. Ancient science talks about this first the smallest change against which all other measurements are done or related to as “the smallest change that I can become aware of and store” and calls this prANa. Hence forth from here, all other elements are defined against this that we measure. Such a measurement system is not rigid and is flexible. It allows for the smallest unit to vary between observables, but yet an abstract algorithm of working can be established, that applies to all observables or movable/immovables in reality. When, such is the case, the reference that is present is only this “self-awareness present in the current path of existence” against which the forward direction needs to be defined. Comparing this to the previous example of “line in a paper”, the paper itself cannot be a reference point. The change that indicates the forward direction has to be defined using the properties of the line in and of itself.

Another point to note is related to what we are able to observe. As I have written in other blogs and in the book “A research of Shiva: The Enigma“, we always observe that which has already occurred. We cannot perceive the occurring or that which will occur. If we considered the movement of the path of existence equivalent to the bus in which the self is seated, the question boils down to which direction is the self facing when seated. Is it the direction of the origin of the path of existence or the direction in which the path of existence is extending? It should be noted that when all the ancient literature is talks about “the forward direction”, it is talking about the direction of extension of the path of existence from the origin which is the true direction of progress. But, this path of existence has a rendering which is the transformation or the analytical creation or the fifth dimension or in short the reality in which we live. So, when I ask myself “which direction am I moving”, I am basically asking “Is the forward direction of the path of existence and the direction that appears to me as future, the same?”

Further, it should also be noted that this concept of movement only is visible because we are sequentially observing the becomes. If we had the ability to see the whole reality as a vast expanse of unmanifested blob in which we see various paths of existence, the concept of forward direction would not exist at all. The reason direction, distance and all other concepts exist is because this awareness is part of one path of existence observing other paths of existence in this blob. When we look at it from this perspective, we realise that these external or remote observables are similar to the trees that we observe moving in the example. So, if we answered ourselves in which direction are these trees moving, we can understand which direction I am moving. Now, we find that the past keeps getting accumulated and passing out and the future comes into the present events. We are facing always the events that have already become. Hence it should tell us that we are seated facing the reverse direction of the forward movement of the paths of existence. So, while it seems as if we are facing the forward direction, we are in fact facing the reverse direction after transformation. Something similar to the below:

The above is a highly simplified representation of the unmanifested, base network and the individual paths in it. The two individual paths of existence indicated by the thick and dashed lines are travelling in the directions indicated in the arrows in their paths. Here, at the current frame that the paths are observing, they can be observing in the same direction of the progress of the network, in the direction of their paths of progress or the reverse direction of progress. Based on which direction they are facing, the events visible vary. Given that we can only observe the past, I believe the direction we are facing is the reverse direction of the progress of the path ans the network. Thus what we see as motion is in the reverse direction as opposed to the forward direction. Only then can we have something that has already become, but we have no idea of what is happening. This allows for the creation of that small period of becoming which is typically termed as “karma”, the force of work done which we cannot change and have to go through, but the subsequent obscurity which is beyond this period of becoming can be controlled if we are able to deduce and analyse the progress.

Why is the direction of progress and its relation to what we observe important in astrology at all? If astrology was truly about control of the seeking to control the events that occur around us as I had indicated in BPHS – Translation of Chapter – 1, then, this becomes a really important concept to understand. If, we look at the above picture we find that when we are facing inward or towards the series of becomes, we have lost the visibility into the becoming and the period beyond this that can be controlled. Hence, we know that we need to first predict that which is becoming and accommodate it before we start controlling the next event. And the direction in which we need to do the work to ensure the progress is consistent has to be changed from the perceived direction to ensure that we still continue to progress in the same forward direction.

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