Astrology: Of expansion, extension, motion and time

As I had written in the blog on “Explaining the physics of motion“, the motion that we all experience and play with, i.e., movement from one physical location to another physical location is similar to movement within an airplane while the airplane itself is moving towards a destination. Our motion within the airplane makes no difference to the velocity of the airplane. It can also be seen similar to the motion of an airplane / train or any such moving vehicles within earth w.r.t to the solar system. These vehicles moving within earth makes no difference to the speed of earth itself, or a rocket moving within the solar system makes no difference in the movement of the solar system itself. But, to note is that the other way is not true. The motion of an airplane that contains me in it, moves me from one location to the other, or the movement of earth with me in it, moves me to the current location of the earth, yet I am unaware of the motion and the location I am moved to by the earth and so on. So, what is the difference? If we look at the two as a container and a contained, the question is why does the container affect the movement of the contained, while the contained cannot affect the container? Even more important is, “Why should this make a difference and how will understanding this change the way we create technology?”

Addressing the question of technology first. There are two ways to create a technology. We can create technology that just changes the appearance around us or we can understand the way reality changes and create technology in-tune with the working rather than the appearance. What is the difference? This can be best understood by studying what happens to the elasticity of an elastic rubber-band. Pull it enough number of times and the elasticity of the rubber-band reduces gradually until the it loses the elasticity completely or it breaks at a weak point. When we envisioned the technology of a rubber-band we have only envisioned the appearance and properties of the material for serving the purpose of elasticity and ignored the working of the underlying reality of the created material or elastic. Hence we have ignored the small permanent changes that occur to the material which translates to changes to the underlying existence and accumulates to form the path of existence of the rubber-band that determines its period of existence. Ignoring these accumulated changes has led the accumulation to progress to the state of existence where the rubber-band itself is not of any use to us even in appearance. But, the path of existence forces it to still exist till it degrades and hence garbage is generated. Hence garbage has become a part of the path. Now, the same, let’s say we started with knowing that there is a path of existence for anything that we create. We have two choices to creating by taking the path into consideration. Either we create that something to reset back the changes that occurs after every use which ensures that the rate of degradation of the tool created is much lesser than the rate of degradation of human life who is using it or we create that something to ensure that the path of existence is fully mapped out for the tool to be useful for its whole life. For example in a rubber-band either we create it such that the accumulated rate of decay of the elasticity is reduced down to zero after every use or create the rubber-band with a weak link specifically designed to occur at a point where it disintegrates the rubber-band and hence ending the path of existence.

This is called a total control of the circumstances around us. Now, the question is, how can this be done? To do this, we first need to understand how the path of existence gets established, how the path of existence moves forward and its relation to the container in which it gets established. I have written about the path of existence in many of my blogs. The Surya Siddanta talks about this in detail. The paths of existence can overlap and be contained within a base network that has its own path of existence. The Surya Siddanta also explains in detail the movement of these paths of existence and that which governs these paths of existence. But, before we go forward into understanding these factors, it is first important to recognise the various ways in which these paths of existence can move forward. Primarily this movement can be classified into two types: expansion and extension. Normally we tend to use these two words interchangeably, that is because we do not distinguish between various directions of movement. For us, movement is purely in “space” that has three dimensions which can be easily interchanged without any difference in the concepts that we define. The x-axis can easily have been the z-axis and no difference seen. But, that is not the case when we look at the working of reality. As I have mentioned in “Modelling dimensions“, in ancient science, “space” by itself with all its x/y/z axis becomes one major dimension and 4 such major dimensions exist with 3-minor dimensions. The changes in each of these dimensions can then be accumulated, analysed and the conclusions drawn becomes the fifth dimension, which is the time that we define. But, if we considered only the changes in the raw data of these four-major dimensions, what will they be and how will they move? What will it appear as to us when a change in the four-major dimensions occur?

So, what distinguishes these two types of movement, i.e., expansion and extension? When we read the Surya Siddanta, and follow through to the creation of the base and the individuals, we find that it says that a pattern of change which is repeatably collects together to form thought and a collection of thoughts. In this void or gaps are introduced which then forms “agents of knowledge”. When to a sphere of change, if gap is introduced, we find that it will extend the sphere into a helical form. Something similar to the below:

In the above picture, in the beginning, there are no gaps, but change is present. As it moves forward there are gaps introduced extending the structure. This is extension. The change here is in the forward direction of all the dimensions of change i.e., 4-major dimensions and these can be combined together to form a consolidated state which we call “time” i.e., t = state of (L, p, h, f) as I have indicated in Modelling dimensions. A cross-section forms a slice of the current state of change and becomes a frame of our space that we see at every instant. Thus, extension is because of introduction of gaps in the continuity of dimensions and causes the creation of continuous frames of reality which gives us the appearance of time as we see it. This is the reason for the formation of oscillations that are the basis for identifying thermal energy. It also is the basis for the existence of unbreakable continuity or analogousness in the various natural concepts such as space and time that is present in nature around us. When we look at such a simple structure, the question obviously arises how does this appear as this reality around us which seems very complex? What should be noted here are two things: The first and foremost is that what is shown here is an abstract order that can be fitted for a collection of changes, the changes being anything i.e., any property detected. So, while we are looking at an underlying ordered structure, the cross-section of the changes that we see must be some complex pattern. The second even more important is what we think as reality and interact and observe is a rendering of some conclusion drawn from this cross-section of changes that is observed and transformed by the brain. It is similar to saying that while what falls on the eye is just light waves, what we experience is an image or while what falls in the ear is just vibrations, we experience sound and so on. So, while what we observe is just a series of changes, what we experience is a transformation of those changes. When viewed from this perspective, we find that what is said here is an extension of an experience can only be got when there is a gap present in the changes observed. If the observed is continuous, there is no way we can move forward and all that will be present is just one event.

The next type of movement is expansion. This only comes into picture when we talk about individual creation. When we look at the creation of the base network, where the reference is just the origin of the base network, a movement in any direction can just be considered as a forward direction with gaps and hence becomes an extension. But, individuals are formed within the base network and multiple individuals are contained within the base network. This means, if we pick a cross section of the base network which is a single frame of space we can find many individual observables contained in that cross-section frame. As explained in the Surya Siddanta, each individual observable has a recognition of an exterior and an interior i.e., a way to recognise what is external to itself and what is internal to itself, thus the formation of a remote as explained in the prajnaparamita hrdaya sutram and many other Sanskrit literature. What is important to consider now is “how much or many of this external remote is this self aware of?” This forms the basis of expansion. Awareness can be contracted down to purely the multiples within the self or can be expanded to other observables external to the multiple forming the self. So, when we look at the above diagram, the height of the changes traversed indicate the expansion, as shown below:

The span of the region traversed to accumulate the changes into the path of existence increases as it moves forward. This a path of existence consists of two movement, one is extension which moves it forward into subsequent frames of existence and expansion that increases its awareness of the observables around it allowing it to appear as if this current observable is moving in space.

Now, putting it back into the context of what we call motion, the container similar to airplane within which the our motion is always contained is the “path of existence” of the observable and the way motion is simulated is because of the playing around with awareness of the remote within the cross section of that path of existence. Time that we know is just a series of cross-sections of the path of existence strung together in equal intervals. Hence, the technology that we create are just playing around with appearances and hence gives us only a limited technology that does not truly modify the paths of existence, but all it does is change the rendering. To be able to truly change and move, we need to have a way to control and play with the expansion spans and extension gaps widths of the paths of existence.

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