Surya Siddanta – Part 4

In the previous part of this document, I had translated till the formation of “I”. While, I write it as formation, it is important to note, that it is actually transformation. To know the difference between formation and transformation, think about this. If there is a chemical reaction between methane and oxygen, we get carbon dioxide and water. CH4 + 2 O2 → CO2 + 2 H2O. Here, molecules have reacted to form the output, there is a change. This is formation. But, see an optical illusion:

Here, the image remains the same. Based on how this picture is viewed, it either appears as a outer cube with a chunk of inner smaller cube missing, or an inner smaller cube placed on a set of three sides of the large outer cube. Here, the same image transforms between the two without any change. This is transformation or appears as. The Surya Siddanta actually talks about this type of transformation of the detected underlying change. This type of transformation has become for us the 5th dimension in which we live.

To continue further, in this blog, I have continued translating from that transformation of the series of becomes to the “I”.

shIghrastAnyathAmpena kAlena mahatAlpagaH
teShuM tu parivartena paoShNAnte bhagaNAH smRtaH

shIghraga + asta + anyatha + alpena + kAlena + mahatA + alpagaH =
in conjunction + with + other + minute + series of changes + abundant + minutes
ta + eShuM + tu + parivartena + paoShNa + ante + bhagaNAH + smRtaH =
that + hasten + able to + the changes + flourishing + at the end + series of becomes + persisted

Translates to:

In conjunction with other minute changes many minute(changes) get persisted in the series of becomes hastening the flourishing of changes

This explains pretty well what happens when we observe nature, especially growth. You can keep watching the growth of say a plant every day. But you are not going to notice any change. But, one fine day say in a month or so, suddenly you see that all the minute changes have added together to become a growth that is observable. That seems to be a behaviour that comes all the way from the underlying process of working of this reality.

vikalAnAM kalA ShaShTayA tatShaShTayA bhAga ucyate
tatriMshatA bhavedrAshirbhagaNo dvAdashaiva te

vikalAnAM + kalA + ShaShTayA + tat + ShaShTaya + bhAga + ucyate = without parts + parts + of 60 + that 60 + part + is said
tat + triM + shata + bhaved + rAshi + bhagaNo + dvAdashaiva + te = that + 3 hundred + has become + multitude + series of becomes + along with the 12 of this

The vikalA is without kala or without parts hence translates to consolidated. This translates to:

Consolidated 60 parts, that 60 is said to be situated in become, that 300 is multitude series of becomes along with this 12

So, if we check the way this has progressed, 60 nADi’s formed the 1/3rd orbit. And 7 of these 1/3rd orbits together formed a thought, which then came together to form the series of becomes. So, if we take this 60 now with its 12 dimensions and are able to see it without that 60 parts, but as a single consolidated 60, and there are 300 of these, because we had a 100 of 3 collection, which passed before it started getting energy and flowing. That 300 is the first part of this series of becomes.

yuge sUryajnashukrAnAM khacatuSHkaradArNAvAH
kujArkigurushIghrANAM bhagaNAH pUrvayAyinAm

yuge + sUrya + jna + shukrANAM + khaca + tuSHka (tuShTa) + rada + arNAvAH = united + patter + knowledge + potent + bond + undisturbed + divide + oscillating
kuja + arki (ya) + guru + shIghra(aNAM) + bhagaNAM + pUrva + ayAyinAm = the horizon + inactive + dense + in conjunction + (series of becomes) + subsequently + in this manner

I think, this is a pretty important verse in the progress of understanding of this document. The word that makes a huge difference here is “sUrya”. This is translated as many things traditionally. But the most common is to translate it as “Sun”. But, if we look at the context we are in, the Sun or anything related to stars has not been mentioned at all in this series of verses. The only thing that has been mentioned is a “series of becomes”. Now, if we translate this verse without sUrya translated and read it:

Connected to the knowledge of the potent sUrya, the undisturbed bonds breaks into oscillations, in this manner, the inactive horizon subsequently becomes dense in conjunction with the series of becomes

If we see here, the verse seems to be telling me, that in that “series of becomes”, there are bonds that we can see and if we have the knowledge of some “potent sUrya” in this, then it breaks into oscillations. What can this be, but just a potent pattern that we can recognise. Hence sUrya really is “pattern”. How it is possible that this meaning became Sun or light over the ages? What we need to ask ourselves is what when transformed will appear as light to us? Light is nothing but a pattern of waves or particles, which is the oscillations (waves) or series of becomes(particles) that this verse is talking about. So, my take is surya really is a pattern that we can recognise. So, with this translation for surya, this verse translates to:

Connected to the knowledge of the potent pattern, the undisturbed bonds breaks into oscillations, in this manner, the inactive horizon subsequently becomes dense in conjunction with the series of becomes

So, if we follow through from the formation of “I”, we are looking at an ego that got formed because a series of becomes (which is just detected change points) observing itself as separate from the original environment. In that series of becomes, by seeing the changes as consolidated instead of individual, we started seeing a pattern which is potent or replicable. By doing this, that series of points instead of just being individual points became an oscillation or pattern along with those points.

Image result for dots connected as spiral

So, for example, in the picture here, we can see it as just a series of varying size dots or our brains connect the dots and we see a series of curved lines forming a spiral. Thus the inactive horizon breaks into a pattern along with those points.

Continuing further:

indo rasAgnitritrIShu saptabhUdharamArgaNAH
dastratryaSHTarasAnkAkShilocanAni kujasya tu

indo + rasa + agni + tri + trIShu + sapta + bhUdhara + mArgaNAH = first + essence + thermal energy + 3 + provided with 3 directions + seven + supporter of the becomes + through the path
dastra + trya + aShTa + rasa + aNka + akShi + locanAni + kujasya + tu = 2 + the three + eight + essence + curve + focal point + illuminating + the horizon + in this manner

A number of notable points in this verse. bhUdhara is translated as earth. But, given the context, we need to split this into “bhU” + “dhara” = become + supporter, thus a “supporter of becomes” is bhUdhara or in short the “underlying environment”. Again, characteristic of this document, numbers are written without reference and we need to pull out the reference from the context of what is being talked about. For e.g., dastra+trya+ashTa which is 2 + 3 + 8. What are these referring to has to be got form the rest of the sentences and the context prior to this verse. Thus this verse translates to:

The first 3 essential thermal energies are provided due to the 3 directions in the 7 paths in the underlying environment illuminating 2 focal points of the 3 (in collection) with 8 essential curves in the horizon

If we read this translation, it seems that “agni” is introduced without any context. This is the first reference of agni. Hence, this verse needs to define “Agni”. Yet, it says Agni is provided with 3 directions. So, what is Agni? Agni commonly is referred to as fire. But again, abstraction of fire is thermal energy. So, we say agni is thermal energy. Now, what is thermal energy? There exists various definitions for it. But basically thermal energy is just “the degree of freedom to change”. Hence, heat becomes the work to transfer from or to a thermodynamic system.

We have talked nothing but change from the beginning of this document. What does it involve to convert that change to thermal energy? It should just be direction. When direction is added to change, you give change the potential to change in multiple directions and hence a degree of freedom starts having meaning. Now if we look at this verse, we find, it has explained to me “how that change has become 3 thermal energies by getting provided with 3 directions from the path”.

budhashIghrasya shUnyartukhAditryaNkanagendavaH
bRhaspateH khadastrAkShi vedaSHaDvahnayastathA

budha + shIghra + asya + shUnya + artuka + kha + Adi + traya + aNkana + endavaH = awaking + in conjunction + happen + void + induce + gap + first + three times + to move in a curve + transformation
bRhaspateH + kha + dastra + akShi + veda + SHaD + vahnaya + astathA = creator of + gaps + cold + axis (eye) + knowledge + 6 + carrying + in this manner exists or is present

This translates to:

In conjunction with waking, inducing void starts 3 gaps transforming the curves, creating gaps with 2 focal points, 6 agents of knowledge exists in this manner (2 focal points * 3 gaps)

If we read this with the previous verse, we find that giving direction has woken up that pattern which was potent but not flowing. This verse says, when we take that pattern and wake it up, it gets gaps which has information in it. This is so beautiful.

Say, we had a picture as this. What is the information in this? If we have light, then yes, reflection of light on the black parts shows us the line that connects the various blacks into a curve. But, we are looking at a knowledge creation where even light and visual is not present. So, what is knowledge in such a system? The knowledge that is told is change. So, what is the knowledge that can be detected? The absence of change or gap in change? So, comparing to the picture, I continuously detect change in the black parts and stop detecting change in the gaps. This then becomes one knowledge. If there were three gaps, I have 3 knowledge. Since I have direction, from the orientation of the gap with respect to the prior change I know it to be a curve. How? Because it has an intersection point or a “focal point”. Thus, if the curve was a part of an ellipsoid, then we have two focal points or two points of intersection, one for this forward curve and the next for the reverse curve. So, 3 gaps and hence 3 * 2 which is 6 agents of knowledge.

sitashIghrasya ShaTsaptatriyamAshrvikhabhUdharAH

sita + shIghrasya + ShaT + sapta + tri + yama + ashr + vikha + bhudharAH = bond + in conjunction + six + seven + three + supporting + penetrate/pervade + without gaps + supporter of becomes (environment)
shaner + bhuj + aNga + ShaT + panca + rasa + veda + (nish + AkarAH) = quiet / calm / silent / soft + curve + part + six times + five + essence + knowing + without multitude

This translates to:

In conjunction to being bonded, 6(focal points) of 3 (gaps) of 7 (1/3rd orbit)’s, supporting penetration without gaps of the underlying environment (“the becomes supporter”), 6 knowledge of undisturbed curved parts without multitude is essentially 5th (dimension)

Taking the previous idea of knowledge further, this verse tells us, if we take all those information and see them without multitude of knowledge, but consolidate them into a single knowledge what we will get becomes the 5th dimension that is stored. If we look at the previous picture, if we take away the multiple information in it such as black parts, gaps, focal points etc, what do we get? See the picture as a whole picture, we can see maybe a curved set of steps to form a part of a spiral stair. So, taking all the information and calling it a spiral stair is the 5th dimension.

Thus, if we see the sequence from the beginning, the following is what is said:

incomprehensible -> abundant inactive (inquisitiveness to have knowledge) -> multiple partial knowledge -> seeking enlightenment -> filtered concentration -> concentrating on that which gives motion by itself -> change that holds knowledge of motion -> seeking soul of becoming -> energies distributed in portions (self) -> self situated in changes -> abundant flowing (diffuses by itself) -> dual self with subtle density

praNa -> nADi -> thought (7 1/3rd orbit) (knows 4 dimension + 1transformed dimension) -> thought collection (3 thoughts) -> 28 joint ellipsoid -> acquires flow (energy+inertia) -> thought of existence (continuous holding of 3) -> “I” (seeking hence detached from origin) -> series of becomes (minute changes) -> dense (recognise potent pattern -> oscillations) -> waking (3 thermal energy (3 directions) -> 3 with 8 curved -> 2 focal points) -> bonding (3 gaps transforming curves -> 6 agents of knowledge) -> knowledge without multitude (support penetration -> undisturbed 6 knowledge)

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