Surya Siddanta – Part 2

In the previous blog of Surya Siddanta – Part 1, I had translated till the formation of a basic thought. In this blog I will continue further from here. What is important to understand here is that we start at a clean slate and are tracing through the formation of thought. This means that even space, time, direction, dimensions etc are also not present. The first verse of the Surya Siddanta says this:

acintyAvyaktarUpAya nirguNAya gunAtmane
samastajagadAdhAra mUrtaye brahmaNe namah

The incomprehensible, unmanifested, that without qualities, qualified as self yields to creation which forms the basis of each and every movable or alive.

This is important because, only when we remember this that we start asking the correct questions. “If all that is present is just detection of change, then how does that change detected becomes this reality around us?” This is the core question that seems to be answered in this chapter of Surya Siddanta. Now, continuing from where we left off in the previous blog.

sasandhayaste manavaH kalpe jneyAshrcaturdasha
kRtapramANAH kalpAdau sandhiH paNcadashaH smRtaH

sasandha + yaste + manavaH + kalpe + jneya + catur + dasha
= along with the transition + thoughts + appear as + to know + four + dimensions
kRta + pramANAH + kalpadau + sandhiH + paNca + dashaH + smRtaH
= make + a measure / weight + appearing as + transitioning + fifth + dimension + by storing

Note here, that “kalpa” while usually thought of as imagination or capability, here it is translated as “appears as”. In fact this is most important change which makes a difference as to how this verse is read. While a change is detected, it appears as something and hence thought takes on the form progressively to give us what we know as reality. So, this translates to:

Along with that transition into thought it appears to know four dimensions, by appearing as if 5th dimension of transition is stored, pramaNa(length?? or weight??) is made

This tells us that our thoughts have 5 dimensions to it, although we just know one dimension.

itthaM yugasahastraiNA bhUtasaMhArakArakaH
kalpo brAhmamahaH proktaM sharvarI tasya tAvatI

itthaM + yuga + sahas + tra + iNA + bhUta + saMhAra + kArakaH
= thus in this way + joined + together + three + of this kind + become + coming together + making
kalpo + brAhma + mahaH + proktaM + sharvarI + tasya + tAvatI
= appears as + creation + abundant + it is said + varigated + as so many

This translates to:

In this manner, three of this kind connected together, making “becomes” collection, appearing as if there is abundant creation, it is said, that is many variegated

It is important to understand what “becomes” means here. When we talk about change detection and an existence of a recognizable pattern, then we need to think of two states: the pattern has started and not yet completed fully and the pattern has finished. The first state is the “state of becoming” and the second is “the already become state”. The pattern we are talking about here is the collection of 7 in the series of 4, 3, 2 and 1 pattern as said from the previous blog. So, now, 3 of such 7 series is collected together and it forms a collection of 3 thoughts.

paramAyuH shataM tasya tayAahorAtrasantvayayA
AyuShordhamitaM tasya sheShakalpoayamAdimaH

param + AyuH + shataM + tasya + tayA + aha + ara + tra + sant + avyayA
= the first + produced + a hundred + of that + to go towards + certainly + a third of orbit + existing + imperishable
AyuSha + ardha + mitaM + tasya + sheSha + kalpo + ayam + AdimaH
= lifespan + half + establish + of that + remaining + appears as + this one + first

Translates to:

The first hundred produced of that goes towards a third of the orbit existing imperishable, half of that establishing life span, remaining, appears as first of this one (first thought?)

This is an interesting piece, because it says that a hundred of those collections or that is 300 thoughts have to be produced before a life is established. This is validated in the Vijnana Bhairava, which says “This suspended mix and emptying completely if also present then ends the known equilibrium and overcoming equilibrium manifests. The first to appear is subtle and more subtle self consisting of reflection till the aversion ends and darkness ends and the unmanifested arises.”

So, putting this together with that tells me that the thought I need to become reality has to consistently exist for a hundred cycles of changes before it sees light and becomes reality, and this can only happen if a new equilibrium can be established with the existing “becomes”.

kalpAdasamAcca manvaH ShaD vyatItAH sasandhayaH
vaivasvatasya ca manoryugAnAM trighano gataH

kalpa + adas + samAcca (d) + manvaH + ShaD + vyatItAH + sasandhayaH
= appears as + thus + obscure + by thought + 6 + passed + along with transition
vaivasvata + asya + ca + manor + yugAnAM + trighano + gataH
= coming from thoughts + that + and + thoughts + connected + 3 collection + passed 

Translates as:

Thus obscured appears as 6 thoughts have passed along with transitions, related to that thought a collection of three connected thoughts also has passed

So, if we imagined an electro-magnet and compared that to this, we are looking at the changes being similar to the underlying changes detected and the magnetic field generated similar to the thought that is generated. So, the thought obscures the underlying changed detected. This happens when the 6 thoughts have passed along with the three in the collection for each of the 6, thus we are looking at 18 thoughts passed before we see an obscured version.

aShTAviMshAdyugAdasmAdyAtametat kRtaM yugam
ataH kAlaM prasantvayAya santvayAmekatra piNDayet

aShTAviMshAd + yugA + adas + mAdyata + etat + kRtaM + yugam
= twenty eight + joints + thus + via + this here + made + joined
ataH + kAlaM + prasanta + vyAya + sant + avyAma + ekatra + piNADayet
= so + due to series of changes + connection + strength  + existing + imperishable + single + sphere + is that

Translates to:

Twenty eight joints thus via this made united hence due to series of changes, strengthening the connection, existing imperishable, is that single sphere

It should be noted that since space or movement is not present, we are looking at all the hundred produced being at the same place. Hence we have 7 (1/3rd orbit pieces) X 4 (dimensions which appeared) which is 28 joints. These now have united to form a strong sphere. It is interesting to note that this gels with what other places talk about the “padma”, which I translate as “concentric circles or sphere”. The first underlying sphere from which creation spreads out is thus formed according to this verse.

From here, this document goes on to explain about the opening out and formation of the subsequent cycles. But, that for the next blog.

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