Book Release: A research of Shiva: The Enigma

Based on the various translations I have done of the sthotrams, mantras, Tantras, Upanishads etc., I find our understanding of Shiva is quite different from what is described in these literatures. The notion of Shiva as a God, its religious association with divinity, as a belief or any emotions associated with it seems alien when these texts are translated and read. I find by associating emotions, judgement and conclusions based on judgement to the concept of Shiva, we have lost the knowledge of Shiva and romanticised it according to our needs.

I have consciously tried to keep away from putting down my conclusions in the translations, to allow the reader to make their own ideas about it. Yet, I find all these various texts can be tied together to form a very good thread of reasoning showing the way towards what possibly Shiva could have meant. I also find that the meaning is very unique and tightly tied into the basics of maybe even our existence.

I have written a book on my research based on these literatures, the conclusions that I have drawn based on my translations, as to what Shiva possibly could have meant. You can read the translations at the home page. A sample of the various chapters in the book is below. You can buy this book from Amazon or read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Sample from the book (Click on the links below to read more):

  • Introduction
  • Setting the context
  • Deciphering the environment
    • Awareness of the environment
    • The environment and the knower of the environment
    • Map of knowing the knowledge of the environment
    • Timeless environment
    • The become and the becoming
    • The fuzzy environment
    • Limiting awareness of the environment
  • Peeling the layers of the awareness
    • Untangling Awareness
      • Infinite recursion
      • Equilibrium
      • Rationalization
      • Equilibrium, Change and Rationalization
    • Layers of awareness
  • Manifestation of the environment
    • Formation of the environment
    • Connection of the entanglement to the environment
  • Relating modern science to reality as defined
    • Summarizing the concepts of the environment
    • Defining space
    • Definitions of direction
    • Forces and Inertia
    • Gravity and centre of gravity
    • Disclaimer
  • A path into the unmanifested
    • Searching for clues
    • From the unmanifested to the manifested
    • The science of yielding
    • Distinguishing between isha, Rudra and Shiva

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