Shri Rudram – Anuvaka 1 – Part 2

The part 1 of this Anuvaka, I have translated here. In the modern world, As we find or discover scientific facts, we tend to give it a name to abstract it. For eg., Higgs Field, it is a name given to a huge concept. Just by hearing the term “Higgs Field” we can neither guess nor know it stands for something really very intricate and so advanced concept. But, the same, the ancient texts have restrained themselves from giving them representative names. So, we see that the text refer to some of these defined descriptions as “that which is seen and that which is not seen”, so that it encompasses everything, making some of these translations complex. Yet, I can see why we need it this way. Only in this manner can we absorb what it really is. The only problem with this is that somewhere down the line, some shortened or representative version of these inherently describing terms have become names. The meaning intended by the description themselves have been lost, but terminologies have remained with divinity and reverence associated with it, giving it a totally different meaning. For eg., NIlaKanTa is typically translated as blue-throated and used as a name for Shiva. But in the underlying translation, NIla means dark and KanTa means neck or a constriction, so, this instead of being a name is a reference to that “constricted set of something(?) which is dark and has no light”. By typecasting this to a name and a person, we have lost the original intention of it and what was constricted!

Asau yo vasarpati nilagrivo vilohitah 
utainam gopa adrushanna drushannu daharyah
Utainam vishva bhUtani sa drusto mridayati nah
Namo astu nilagrivaya sahasraksha midhushe
Atho you asya sattvano ham tebhyo karan namah
Pramuncha dhanvanastva mubhayorartni yorjyam
yascha te hasta isavah para ta bhagavo vapa
asau + yo + vasar (uShar) + pati + nilagrivo + vilohitah = 
In that + which + emerging + master + dark constricted + deep-red
uta + inam + gopa + adrushanna + drushannu + daharyah =
woven + this + guard + that which is not seen + also that which is seen + quench
uta + inam + vishva + bhUtani + sa + druShTo + mrDayati + nah =
woven + this + all + been / become + this + that which is seen + unrestricted + not
namo + astu + nilagrivAya + sahasra + aksha + mIDhushe =
submit to + this reality + in that dark constricted + many + axis + infinite
atho + ye + asya + satta + vAna + aham + teabhyo + karan + namah =
hence + this + established + woven + in this + they + causing + surrender
pramunca + dhanvana + astavam + ubhayor + Anti + yorjyam =
turning towards + a firm spot + obstructed + both + end + in front
ya + shrava + te + hasta + IShava + para + tA + bhagavo + vapa =
he who + resonate + this + hand-ful + potentials + remote + he + success + weaves

This translates to:

In that which is emerging master of the dark constricted, deep-red, woven, this guard of that which is seen and also that which is not seen is quenched, woven this all has become, is not restricted to that which is seen. Submitting to this reality in that dark-constricted, many axis infinity, thus this weaving established in that, they cause surrender, turning towards a steady spot, obstructed at both ends, that which resonates with this handful of potential remote, it successfully weaves.

Avatatya dhanustvam sahasraksha shatesudhe |
Nishirya shalyanam mukha shivo nah sumana bhava ||
Vijyam dhanuh kapardino vishalyo banavam uta |
AneshanneShava abhurasya nishangathihi ||
Ya te hetirmidhustama haste babhuva te dhanuh |
TayAsman visvatastva mayakshmaya Paribbhuja ||
avatata + ya + dhanus + tvag + sahasra + aksha + shata + iSha + adha = 
extended + who + a measure of length + cover + many + axis + a hundred + potentials + correspondingly
ni + shIrya + shalyAnAm + mukha + shivo + nah + sumanA + bhava =
no + perishable + point of direction + face + is shiva + not + pleasant + become
vijyam + dhanuh + kapardino + vishalyo + bANavag + uta =
stringless + arrow + braided + pointless + made of arrows + weave
aneka + shanna + asya + ishava + Abhu + asya + niSham + gatih =
many + fallen + established + potentials + empty / void + established + out / away / forth + condition

Translates to:

That extended by a certain length covers many axis and many potentials correspondingly, with no perishable point of direction, an acceptable direction is not got for shiva, then a non-focussed set is weaved, many fallen, established potentials, a void condition is established.

Namasteastu bhavagan vishvesvaraya mahadevaya
triyambakaya triupurantakaya trikalagni kalaya kalaagni
Rudraya nilakanthaya mrutyunjayaya sarveshvaraya sadashivaya
Sriman mahadevaya Namah

namaste + esha + astu + bhagavan + vishwa + isvaraya + mahadevaya + trimbakaya + tri + pura + antakaya + trikala + agni + kalaya + kala + agni + rudraya + nilakanTaya + mruthyum + jayaya + sarva + eshvarAya + sada + shivaya + sriman + mahadevaya + namah

surrender to + seeking + reality + illustrious + all + of potentials + of prime energy + pervading all three worlds + of the three + same + at the end + of the three indistinct + heat + of time + heat + turbulent + dark constriction + perishable + gain + all + potentials + always + of shiva + mixed / mingled + prime energy + surrender

Translating to:

Submitting to seeking that illustrious reality from that all potentials causing the prime energy pervading all three worlds, freeing the three similarities, causing the three indistinct heats of time, the heat of time causing turbulence that causing dark constrictions gaining the perishable of all potential always the shiva, surrendering to the mix of prime energy.

These verses need to be known, I can only translate. But, definitely it implies not all potentials come into being to become a successful weaving. There are places where it needs to be a quantity, whether it is length or a fistful, yet no idea what those can be.

The final verse is a very famous Shiva chant which is chanted in a lot of places and is considered to be really powerful. I am not sure about powerful, because anymore that term has no meaning. I have not consciously translated these words till now. But, even after translating it now, it looks like it needs a lot of thought to understand what it is really saying.

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