Maha Kalabhairava stotram – Verses 3, 4, 5 & 6

Continuing from the previous blog of Maha Kalabhairava stotram, here I have translated the next few verses. I wonder very much what this stotram is really explaining. As I have said in “Language is the barrier“, “How can I as a person transfer the vibrations that occur within in my brain in the exact form to the next human being?” I am really starting to wonder if each of these “bija mantras”, are vibrations, if intoned correctly will make the brain vibrate in the frequency that is the next step in the series of steps that give the first bija mantra i.e., “yaksha roopam” which is “the spirit form that enjoys material comfort”! Are the knowledge of these vibrations really lost?? Very sad, if it is true!!

Translating the next set of verses. Below, verse 3, 4, 5 and 6:

Lam Lam Lam Lam Vadantam la la la la Lalitam Dheergha Jivhaa Karaalam
Dhoom Dhoom Dhoom Dhoomra Varnam Sphuta vikata mukham Bhaskaram Bheemaroopam
Rum Rum Rum Roondamalam, ravi tama niyatam taamra netram karaalam
Nam Nam Nam Nagnaroopam, Pranmata Satatam, BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!3!!

vadantam = to indicate lalitam = playful 
dheergha + jihva = long + tongue karAlam = immense
Dhoomra = obscure Varnam = description sphuTa = distinct 
vikaTa = large mukham = face bhaskaram = shining 
bhIma + roopam = fierce + form
ruNDa + malam = mutilated + string ravi = light tama = darkness 
niyatam = kept back tAmra = red-color netram = guide 
karAlam = immense
nagna = the unadorned

Vam Vam Vam vaayuvegam natajana dayinam Brahma paaram param tam
Kham Kham Kham khadga hastam tribhuvana nilayam bhaskaram bheema roopam
Cham Cham Cham Cham chalitvaa chala chala chalita chchaalitam bhoomi chakram
Mam Mam Mam maayi roopam Pranmata Satatam BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!4!!

vAyu + vegam = breath + motion naTa + jana = to move + producing 
dayinam = causing bramha = creation pAram = crossing 
param = later tam = fading away
khadga = disturbance hastam = a cubit measured by the hand? 
tribhuvana = three worlds nilayam = resting bhaskaram = shining 
bhIma = fierce rUpam = form
chalitva = motion chala = agitation chalita = shaking 
bhoomi = matter chakram = cicle
mAyi + rUpam = illusionary + form

Sham Sham Sham Shankha Hastam, Sashi kara dhavalam, Moksha Sampoorna Tejam
Mam Mam Mam Mam Mahaantam, Kula makula kulam Mantra Guptam Sunityam
Yam Yam Yam Bhootanadham, Kili Kili Kilitam Vaalakeli Pradhanam
Am Am Am Aantariksham, Pranmata Satatam, BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!5!!

Shankha = uncertainity hastam = measure shashikara = beam of light 
dhavalam = white moksha = free sampUrNa = entire tejam = entropy
Mahantam = dense kula = collection makula = unopened 
kulam = accumulated mantra = a design guptam = secret 
su + nityam = to move + constantly
bhUta + nAdam = past + noise kilitam = tied 
VAlakeli = bristle pradhAnam = destroy
Antariksham = the intermediate region 

Kham Kham Kham Khadga Bhedam, Visha Mamruta Mayam Kaala Kaalam Karalam
Ksham Ksham Ksham Kshipra Vegam, Daha Daha Dahanam, Tapta Sandeepya Maanam
Houm Houm HoumKaara Nadam, Prakatita Gahanam Garjitairbhoomi Kampam
Vam Vam Vam Vaala Leelam, Pranmata Satatam, BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!6!!

khadga = disturbance bhedam = separating 
viSham + amruta = changing + unchanging mAyam = illusion 
kAla = time kAlam = and time karalam = immense
kshipra = agile vegam = speed dahanam = destroying 
tapta = heated sandIpya = kindle mAnam = idea
houmkAra = roaring nadam = noise prakatita = manifested 
gahanam = dense garjitair + bhoomi = roaring + matter 
kampam = motion
Vala = bristles lIlam = beauty

Here, a few things, dheergha jihva, long tongued or talkative or communicative. Vayu vegam, speed of wind or actually breath if air is what is considered. So, the translation comes to:

lam indicates immense playful communication
Dhoom is the obscure description of the distinct large shining face of the fierce form
Rum is the multilated string of immense guide of red-colored light keeping back darkness
nam is the unadorned form of the continuous thought of prana that preserves the unmanifested environment.

vam is the motion of breath producing movement causing creation crossing later fading away
kham is the measure of disturbance in the three worlds resting in shining fierce form
Cham is the agitated tremulous motion of the circle of matter
Mam is the illusionary form of that continuous thought of prana that preserves the unmanifested environment

Sham is the measure of uncertainity in the white beam of light freeing the entire entropy
Mam is the dense collection of unopened accumulation, a design constantly moving
Yam is the noise of the past tied together in bristles destroying
Am is the intermediate region of that continuous thought of prana that preserves the unmanifested environment

kham is the disturbance separating the changing and the unchanging illusion of the immense time
sham is the agile speed of destroying the heated kindled idea
Houm is the roaring noise of the dense manifested roaring matter in motion
Vam is the beauty of those bristles of the thought of prana that preserves the unmanifested environment

I am not sure there can be any explanation of these verses at all!!! But, if we followed this translation back up from the bottom up, we are looking at this:

A set of bristles moving in dense matter that is causing the heat that is forming ideas and getting destroyed causing a disturbance and gives us two states changing and unchanging. This creates an intermediate region with the destroyed bristles creating the noise of the past, a constantly moving accumulation, unopened. When this reaches a certain measure of uncertainty, frees the entire entropy. This illusionary form in the agitated tremulous motion forms the circle of matter and when a certain measure of disturbance is reached in that resting form, it causes a cross over and a creation, producing breath that keeps fading away (since this is a circle and forms again). This unadorned form is the mutilated string of immense red-colored (my take is a specific frequency perceived in a certain color?) light that is keeping back darkness, generating an obscure description for a distinct, fierce form with immense playful communication.

Following this into the previous two verses from the previous verses:

This distinct, fierce, immense communicative form is the sublime body which is a trap for the time bearing the radiant heat of desire, generating a gurgling noise, an adhesive noise when two immense hot sharp edges are rubbed together, giving rise to the imperfection and a collection of mental activity of this immense void, collecting this entangled mass of bright light at the crown of the head, giving rise to the spirit that knows the 10 directions and enjoys comfortable ideas!!

It holds together? Right? I wonder! But a rare beauty, if it is really what this means, I am stunned!!!

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