Kala Bhairava Ashtakam – Verse 5 & 6

The Kala Bhairava till now seems to have said this, as translated in the previous blogs, here, here and here:

The prime energy used, pure, unrestrained concentric cycles, giving up resistance, that runs through everything like a blemish, thanks to the environment, beginning with the questioning thought that joins together the multitude, I salute that clean fist full of time, owned by the manifested of the time unmanifested.

Freeing the remote, appearances shine highest in the real-world. Dark noise causes impulse giving three illuminations. Time and again the imperishable obtains density and is born in ambU with a fist full of time owned by the manifestation of time unmanifested

Bonding density to the void causes the beginning of force existing. In the beginning where the imperishable is pure, the multitude energies are equal. When tremendous motion is associated with this equal energies abundant variety agitation is generated, causing(??) a fist full of time owned by the manifested of the time unmanifested.

Limiting freedom gives better comfortable form. All world forms is situated in assigned affinity, surrounded by variety of charming tinkling shining sound in a fist full of time owned by the manifested of the time unmanifested.

Moving on to the 5th and the 6th verses. The 5th verse translated as below:

dharmasetupAlakaM tvadharmamArganAshakam
karmapAshamocakaM susharmadAyakaM vibhum
kAshikapuradhinAthakAlabhairavam bhaje

dharma+ sethu + pAlakaM = 
(assigned affinity) + bond + following 
tva+dharma+ mArga + nAshakam = 
the other + (assigned affinity) + path + removing
karma + pAsha + mocakaM = 
action + bond + freedom from
susharma+dAyakaM + vibhum = 
good-protection + give + all-prevading
sva+varNa+varNa+sheSha+pAsha+shobhita+anga+maNDalaM = 
self-description + description + that which remains + 
bond + decorated + part + circle

In the above translation, what is of importance is “Dharma”. The translation of “Dharma” is actually “decreee” or “order” or “doctrine”. But, now that we have the translation of the previous verse, where it says “bhakta vatsalam sthitham” meaning “situated in assigned affinity” and hence becoming “limited”, wouldn’t the “law” or the “doctrine” adhered to becomes this “assigned affinity”? Hence, the first line translates to: “following the bonded affinity, removing the path of other affinities”

The second line is a little intriguing. We can translate it as “The all-pervading gives protection, freedom from bond of action”. This implies that protection is given to some “third entity” by the imperishable to free it from action. I wonder why though? We can also translate this line as “Freedom from bond by action, gives good-protection to the all-pervading“. Here the imperishable is protected from the assigned entities by action!!!

I think it is the second translation. Why? If, the all-pervading is energy, what would protection to that all-pervading really mean? Would it not just be establishing equilibrium, so that it can remain all-pervading and not reduce? Further if it is specifically heat energy which is the prime energy used, then some logic seems to emerge. According to the previous verses, if dark noise causes entropy in energy, causing light and hence density, then, this needs an equalizing factor to establish the equilibrium. Action should cause conversion back into heat energy and hence an equilibrium established? Yes, I think the translation of the second line is “Freedom from bond by action, gives good-protection to the all-pervading”

In the third line, I have changed “svarNa” to “sva+ varNa” instead of svarNa by itself. “svarNa” means gold, where as “sva + varNa” means “self + description” which seems more apt here. So the third line becomes “self-description and description of the rest forms the part of the circle“. So, the 5th verse translates as:

“Following the bonded affinity, removing the path of other affinities, freedom from that bond by action gives protection to the all-prevading. Self-description and description of the rest, forms the part of the circle of a fist full of time owned by the manifested of the time unmanifested”

The 6th verse translated as below:

nityamadvitIyamiShTadaivatam niranjanam
mrtyudarpanAshanaM karAladaMShTramokshaNaM
kAshikapuradhinAthakAlabhairavam bhaje

ratna+pAdukA+prabha+abhirAma+pAda+yugmaka = 
valuable + base + radiating + agreeable+ base + joined
nityam+advitIya+iShTa+daivatam+niranjanam = 
continuously + without a second + liked + of energy + pure
karAla+daMShTra+mokshaNaM = 
formidable+large fang?? + liberating

Here, pAdukA needs some explanation. It basically means “foot”, but for the context I have translated it as “base”. daMShTra means fang, I wonder what is the “fang” that is talked about here. I have left it to a fang.

So, the translation becomes: “Radiating from the valuable and agreeable base continuously without a second, the liked energy pure, the perishable kindling destruction, liberating from formidable fang is a fist full of time owned by the manifested of the time unmanifested

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