Kala Bhairava Ashtakam – Verse 3 & 4

The previous two verses of the Kala Bhairava is translated here and here. Now the third and the fourth verses.

shyAmakAyamAdidevamaksharam nirAmayam
bhImavikramaM prabhuM vichitratANdavapriyaM
kAshikApuradhinAthakAlabhairavam bhaje

sthUla + tangka + pAsha + daNDapANim + Adi + kAraNaM = 
density + void + a bond + force + on hand + beginning + cause
sAma + kAyam + Adi + devam + aksharam + nirAmayam = 
equal + multitude + beginning + energy + imperishable + pure
bhIma + vikramaM + prabhuM + vichitra + tANdava + priyaM = 
tremendous + motion + abundant + variety + agitation + attached

Again here I have changed a few words. “shUla” as before, I have changed to “sthUla”. shUla means pain or grief, but sthUla means dense or density. “tangka” is chasm or void. I cannot think why we have a “grieved void”, but a “density associated with void” seems possible. Next, “daNDapANimAdi” can be split as “daNDa + pANi + mAdi” which translates to “force + on-hand + illusion” or “daNDa + pANim + Adi” which translates to “force + on-hand + beginning”. I have taken the second translation. “daNDa” commonly is translated as “stick”, hence “daNDapANi” becomes a “stick in hand”. But I think, that is more because a human element was given to concepts and twisted to best fit what someone understood. If we take away the human element, “stick in hand” has to become “force existing”.

So, our first line translation becomes, “bonding density to the void causes the beginning of force existing..”. In the previous verse, it is said, “imperishable keeps getting density and is born in ambU” and here it says that this density association has caused “force”.

The second line starts with “shyAma” which means “dark”, but the problem is the second word after this “kAyam”, this means, “multitude”, but how can we associate “dark” and “multitude”? But, had the first word been “sAma” instead, then it becomes “equal”. Then “sAmakAyam” becomes “equal multitude” which seems to start making sense. Mostly, since “Kala bhairava” was considered human and characteristics associated, “sAma” or equal made no sense and hence was converted to “shyAma”. “deva” as I have explained before, I have translated to “energy”.

So, the second line becomes, “In the beginning where the imperishable is pure, the multitude energies are equal…

Moving on, to the next line, “tANdava” is of huge interest. Again, one of those terms like “nIlakanTa” associated with shiva and I think wrongly translated due to the association of shiva to be a human. It is commonly translated to be “a terrible dance form” danced by shiva. But, if shiva turned out to be a state of the unmanifested when density is associated with it as is explained in Vijnana Bhairava, then this takes on a totally different meaning. Also, given the above line and the translations of the previous words in this line, “tANdava” takes on the meaning of “agitation”, “vigour”, “animation” anything of that sort.

So, the third line then translates to, “tremendous motion (in this equal energies) abundant variety agitation is attached…

Then comes the standard translation to the last line, as explained in verse 1. So, the 3rd verse translates to,

bonding density to the void causes the beginning of force existing. In the beginning where the imperishable is pure, the multitude energies are equal. When tremendous motion is associated with this equal energies abundant variety agitation is generated. A fist full of time owned by the manifested of the time unmanifested.

Moving on to the next verse, it goes as below:

bhuktimuktidAyakaM prSastachAruvigrahaM
bhaktavatsalaM sthitaM samastalokavigraham
kAshikApuradhinAthakAlabhairavam bhaje

bhukta + mukti + dAyakaM + praSasta + chAru + vigrahaM =
limit + freedom + giving + better + comfortable + form
bhakta + vatsalaM + sthitaM + samasta + loka + vigrahaM =
assigned + affinity + situated + all + world + form
vi+nikvana + manogna + hema + kignkiNI + lasakt + kaTiM = 
variety + sound  + charming + gold + tinkling + shining + surround

In this verse is where the form is getting associated with the density and force described in the previous verse. “Limiting freedom gives better comfortable form.  All world forms is situated in assigned affinity, surrounded by variety of charming tinkling shining sound. A fist full of time owned by the manifested of the time unmanifested.”

Sound here, definitely has to be translated to something else, possible waves? Then tinkling become high frequency waves, and so on. Yet, I have left it to that.

The first line here, seems correct, “limit the infinity to get a better comfort and a form”. How does infinite become finite, is a very good question. Yet, this seems to be what has happened! tT take on a form, we had to have given up the infinite and have accepted limited awareness assigned to us.

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