Kala Bhairava Ashtakam – Verse 2

Continuing from my previous blog of Kala Bhairava Ashtakam – Verse 1, going on to the next verse. In this verse again, translations miss out the subtle meanings in each of these informative lines.

bhAnukotibhasvaraM bhavAbdhitArakaM paraM
nIlakaNTamIpsitArthadAyakaM trilocanam
kAshikApuradhinAthakAlabhairavam bhaje

appearance + highest + shining + ocean of worldly existence + freeing + remote
nIla+kaNTam + ipsita + artha + dAyakaM + tri + lochanam
dark+ noise + impulse + cause + giving + three + illumination
kalakala + aMbujA + akSha + sthUla + akSharaM
time and again + (aMbu + ajam) = born in ambu + obtain + density + imperishable
kAshikapuradhyanAtakAlabhairavam bhaje
fist full of time owned by the manifestation of time unmanifested

The meaning of the first line is pretty straightforward. It is saying, “freeing the remote, appearance shines highest in the real world…”

Note, I have called the “ocean of worldly existence” as “real-world”, obviously the first is a more decorative way of putting it and the second a more mundane way of expressing the same. But, what is that “remote or para” that is being freed here? What if these really mean those that have not yet manifested in the real-world? Then this line starts making sense, “In the real-world, the remote thoughts take on appearance which becomes higher and shines through”.

The second line in this verse needs a lot of thinking. Specifically, “nIlakanTam” needs more understanding. Grossly, this is translated as “blue throat”. “Shiva” is considered to have a “blue throat”. While there are a number of stories related to how shiva was supposed to have got this blue throat, I think, these stories are just garbled versions of the original concept. I think we definitely need to remove the human element from these concepts and start questioning as to what could it really have meant? As I have said a number of time, we cannot assume that shiva was a human. The Vijnana Bhairava  seems to have clearly explained “What Shiva really is?” – A state of the unmanifested when the subtle remote starts getting density, this is called shiva.

Let’s translate the words. nIla = dark, kanTam = guttural sound or it turns to dark sound or noise. There is a concept called “dark noise” or “dark current”. Dark current is where electrons are thermally released without light or photons hitting a photosensitive device. This is where noise is generated without inducement of light. What if this concept of nIlakantA, where without any inducement by any external source, inherently due to heat entropy or noise is generated within the manifested, which causes the “thirst for hence desire”?

Now, going back and combining this with the infallible association nIlakantAm has to shiva. If, shiva is the point in manifestation when density has started getting associated with the unmanifested, then, if heat generated a “noise” in that density, that noise or entropy becomes “dark noise”. This has caused the much needed instability in the stable unmanifested that is needed to take it further into the manifestation. Definitely then, it seems like nIlakantam has to be associated with shiva?

So, putting it into our second line here we have, “Dark noise causes impulse giving three illuminations…”

What is strange to note here is that it is claiming that “dark noise is creating illumination” and not “light causing noise..”. But what is this “three” illuminations that it is talking about? I seriously wonder what it is? Lot of places this “three” has appeared? For eg., seem Mrtyumjam Mantram, Bhagavad Gita, everything has it. I tried a number of translations to it, but now I wonder, does it mean, that this is causing the three vibrations that causes AUM – “AA” + “UU” + “MM” which is considered the source of all creations?

Going on to the third line, “Time and again the imperishable obtains density and is born in ambU..”

WOW!!! Really, then what does ambU really mean, I wonder? As I have said in Aitreya Upanishad translation, I think we have lost the translation of some of these words. Definitely here, ambU cannot mean water? Is it “waves”? So, what this is seeming to say is that over and over again, density keeps getting associated with the imperishable, even the Vijnana Bhairava seems to say the same thing. So, it definitely seems like, heat, density and force are the three things that are always driving the unmanifested into manifestation and back again. I wonder if it is really saying that the “Dark noise” is time and again causing the imperishable to get density and hence causing the manifestation of time unmanifested?

The last line obviously is the same translation from the previous verse, “fist full of time owned by the manifestation of time unmanifested

So, putting it all together, we have

Freeing the remote, appearances shine highest in the real-world. Dark noise causes impulse giving three illuminations. Time and again the imperishable obtains density and is born in ambU. Fist full of time owned by the manifestation of time unmanifested

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