Vijnana Bhairava Tantra – The answers

In the previous blog I had written about the questions asked in the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. To summarize, the questions asked is “Energy is made entirely of coupled noise existing in three variations, the remaining distributed appropriately, still not retreating back to the potential completely. What elementary property forms of energy is this coupled noise made of? How does a new self variation of the unmanifested become manifested? How does this three point variation split become a self consisting of three characteristics? How is this drop of noise obstructed from the whole noise collection?How has this entire circle of thought arisen with just self-formed energy with cause and effect, having nothing beyond just noise going again and again. Perhaps all this will go away if the obstruction is reduced. Without variety present in appearance or body, if indivisibility is present in entirety, then should this not appear entirely without a reminder?”

While these questions are really illuminating, the answers are even more illuminating. The answers can be split into three parts. The first where all these above questions are debunked, meaning, it says this whole set is still in the realm of the manifested. The second part where a set of metaphors are given for the unmanifested and the third where how to reach the unmanifested is given. The third occupies more of the book. But the first two are the one that are important I believe to know how to walk the paths from the third part.

The first part of the answer:

Sadhu sadhu tvaya prshtam tantrasaram idam priye ||7||
Guhaniyatamam bhadre tathapi kathayami te
Yatkincit sakalam rupam bhairavasya prakirtitam ||8||
Tad asarataya devi vijneyam sakrajalavat
Mayasvapnopamam caiva gandharvanagarabhramam ||9||
Dhyanartham bhrantabuddhinam kriyadambaravartinam
Kevalam varnitam pumsam vikalpanihatatmanam ||10||

sAdhu = hitting the mark tvaya = you have 
prshtam = asked, enquired tantra+saram = tantra + essense idam = this priye = dear one
GUhanIya+atmam = hidden/concealed + self bhadre = securely 
tathapi = hence kathayami = relating/telling te = unto you
yat+kincit = going/moving + part/a little/somewhat 
sakalam = entire/whole rupam = form 
bhairavasya = of unmanifested prakirtitam = is revealed
tad + asArata = that + fragile/unfit devi = manifest 
vijneyam = to understand sakrajalavat = is magic/sorcery
Maya+svapno+pApam = delusion + dream like + badly/miserably/wrongly 
ca+ iva = also + this 
gandharva+nagara+bhramam = esctatic state of mind + city + wander
dhyana+artham = thought + cause 
bhranta+buddi+nam = wandering/roaming + intelligence+due to 
kriya+adambara+vartinam = action+great noise+engaged in/performing
kevalam = only because varnitam=described/explained/eulogised 
pumsam = spirit/soul 
vikalpa+anihat+atmanam = imagination+ one who has no here + by self

Translated to:

You have hit the essence of the tantra by asking these questions. This is hidden safely from the self, hence I am telling you, moving the whole form a little, the unmanifested is revealed. That fragile manifest with this ecstatic state of mind wanders in the dream like city of delusion wrongly and understands this to be sorcery. Thought causes wandering intelligence due to which noise is engaged in action, only because of eulogised spirit, an imagination by the self that has no here.

Tattvato na navatmasau sabdarasir na bhairavah
Na casau trisira devo na ca saktitrayatmakabah ||11||
Nadabindumayo vapi na candrardhnirodhikah
Na cakrakramasambhinno na ca saktisvarUpakah ||12||
Aprabuddhamatinam hi eta balavibhishikah
Matrmodakavatsarvam pravrtyarthamudahrtam ||13||
Dikkalakalanonmukta desoddesaviseshini
Vyapadeshtum asakyasavakathya paramarthatah ||14||

tattvato = hence na = not nava+atmasau = new atma due to 
sabdasir = by noise na = not bhairavah = of unmanifested
na = not casau = also due to trisira = three pointed 
deva = energy na = not ca = also 
sakti+traya+atma+kah = ability+ consisting of three + self become
nada+bindu+mayo = noise drop consisting of vapi = pool 
na = not candrardhi+nirodhikabi = crescent + obstruting
na = not cakra+krama+sambhinno = cycle+action+association 
na = not also sakti+svarUpakah=ability+self-formed
aprabuddhmatInam = to one who is unawakened hi = only 
eta = this bala+vibhishikam = young/child/ignorant + terrifying
matrmodaka+vat+sarvam = one who knows + this + entire 
pravrtya+artha+amuda+hrtam = to exist + cause + then + present/accepted
dik+kalakalono+mukta = produce/effect + of time pulse + free /release 
desha+uddesha+viseshiNi = region+direction+define/different
vyapa+deShtum+asakya+asava+kathya = to lessen + to be shown + impossible/impractical 
+ inattentive/inadvertently + to be spoken or mentioned 
param+arthatah = beyond/completely + cause/reason

Translated to:

Hence, neither is new self due to noise of unmanifested nor also due to three pointed energy nor also energy consisting of three becomes self. Neither noise drop from pool of noise being obstructed nor cyclic action association, nor ability forms self. Only, to one who is unawakened and ignorant this is terrifying. One who knows this entire to exist, accepts the cause as an effect of time pulse, letting go this as a direction of different region. It is impossible to be shown or to lessen by speaking that this is beyond cause.

It is like this. Let’s see a computer application running in a computer. The underlying hardware works with the 1’s and 0’s which is in reality is 5V or 0V on the conducting wire. Now, if we wrote an application that contained classes and instances, these would just be various combinations of these underlying 1’s and 0’s stored/processed in various ways according to the application written, and if an instance of object tried to question to find out what it is made of, can it see the 5V and 0V flip-flops? All that the instance is aware of is the objects around it!!! Similarly, “I” as a bundle of thoughts am just aware of “thoughts”. How can I even start to find that underlying 5V and 0V that form this “I”? It is completely hidden or obscured from me?

Even if the object tried to put intelligence, researched science anything, it is limited within the scope of the program. Similarly, physics, chemistry, maths anything seems to be within the scope of this physical world. Questioning, researching, understanding any of these takes us nowhere. Wandering intelligence created due to focussed action and noise? Nothing more. Isn’t it. Definitely within the realm of the physical world it makes sense, can be used to survive, but just that. An application cannot change how the IC chip in the computer works, Sure, viruses can be written to corrupt the memory, overheat etc, but that is about it.


antah svanubhavananda vikalponmuktagochara
yaavastha bharitaakaaraa bhairavi bhairavatmanah

antah = internal sva + anubhava + ananda = my + experience + bliss 
vikalpana + mukta + agochara = imagination + free + unattainable
ya + avastha = which + state (stability) 
bharita + aakaaraa = full + form bhairavi = manifest 
bhairava + atmanah = unmanifested + self

Translated to:

It is unattainable to have an internal “I” that is manifested form of the unmanifested self which is free from experience of imagination and bliss.

How very true!! If you have touch phone, the minute you have switched it on, like it or not, touch it and it will react to the touch. Similarly, the thought if “I” exists, like it or not, along with it comes imagination and experiences.

tadvapustattvatho jnayam vimalam visvapurNam
evam vidhe pare tattve kah pUjyah kaShrva trpyati

tad + avapus + tattvato = that + formless + has concept 
jnayam = to be known vimalam = pure 
vishva + pUraNam = universe + completely
evam = hence vidhe = to be caused pare = to be beyond 
tattve = the concept kah = who pUjyah = worshipped 
ka + Shrva = what + hearing 
trpyati = become satisfied, enjoy, fullfilled, pacified

Translates to:

The cause of that formless concept is beyond this universe completely, hence to know this concept who can be worshipped or what can be heard or pacified.

evam vidha bhairavasya yaavastha parigIyathe
saa parA pararUpeNa parA devi prakirtitaa

evam = hence vidha = form bhairava + asya = umanifested + of  
ya + avastha = what + state (stability) parigIyatha = is declared
saa = he parA = existence 
pararupa + ena = beyond form also  parA = existence 
devi = manifest prakirtitaa = is said, stated, announced

Translates to:

Hence, what can be declared as the state of unmanifested, it is said to be beyond form and existence and manifestation

shaktishaktimatoyadvad abhedah sarvadA sthitah
atastaddhrmadharmitvaat parAshaktih parAtmanah

shakti + shaktimat + yadvad = energy + possessing / able to + as how 
abhedah = as indivisible sarvadA = always / in everyone 
sthitah = constant / steady / situated / established
atas + tad + dhrma + dharmitvaat = similarly + that + action + driver of action 
parasahkti = beyond existence of energy + 
paratmanah = beyond existence of self

Translates to:

As how energy and possessing energy is indivisible similarly, action and driver of that action are indivisible and beyond existence of energy and self

na vahnerdaahika shaktivryatirikttaa vibhavyate
kevalam jnaanasattaayaam praarmbhoyam praveshne

na = not vah + naar + daahika = causing + not + burning 
shakti + vyaktiriktaa = energy + separate, different from 
vibhavyate = be clearly perceived
kevalam = merely, only 
jnaana + satta + ayaam = know + seated in + in this way
praaramb + ayam = start / beginning + this one praveshne = enter into

Translates to:

As how, without burning, we cannot clearly perceive that energy is different (from possessor of), by merely seated in knowledge one cannot begin to know this (unmanifested)


shattaavasthapraviShTasya nirbibhaagena bhaavanaa
tadaasau sivarUpI syat shaivI mukhamihocyate

shatta + avastha + praviShTa + asya = 
hundred (void or infinite???) + state + one who has entered 
nir + vibhaaga + ena = without + division + into bhaavanaa = notion
tadA + sa = then + he 
siva + rUpI = shiva + form 
syat = perhaps, maybe shaivI = related to shiva 
mukham + iha + ucchate = face + of + is + said

Translates to:

one who has entered into a void state without notion of division, then he is formless (shiva), maybe said to be the face of formless

yathalokena dIpasya kiraNairbhaskarasya ca
jnaayate digvibhaagaadi tadvacchattayaa shivah priye

yatha + loka + ena = as how + of world 
dIpa + asya = light of lamp + of this = of light 
kiraNa + bhaskara + asya = rays + sun + of this ca = also
jnaana + yate = know (perceived to be) + which 
digvibhaaga + adi = no-direction + with 
(or de+division hence without division or undivided) 
tattva + accha + taya = concept + clear + with it
shivah = of formless priye = dear one

Translates to:

Just as how light of lamp is to sunlight, so also knowledge with no division is to the formless

So, in short I think what this is saying is:

In this manifested form, I cannot be free from imaginations and thoughts, hence it is useless to try to “understand” this formless concept. Just as how energy does not show itself as separate, unless it is expended, the unmanifest cannot show itself without manifestation. Hence, to even start to understand it in this form is not possible. But, what is important to understand is the unmanifested is indivisible. If we can start to be this indivisible void, then maybe we can start understanding the unmanifested.

I believe it is more like an optical illusion. You can see multiple forms of the same drawing, how do you stop your brain from interpreting all these various forms and see what is actually drawn, the lines without interpretation, the indivisible? Very tough. But can be done!!!

I think anyone who tells me the Upanishads, Gita or any of these tantras are superstitious or is about Gods or renunciation or is about science and physics explaining E=mc2 or claiming that the ancients created airplanes etc etc are all utter and thorough fools!!!

What is told here is much much more fundamental and more relevant than application of physical laws to manipulate the environment around us. Creating airplanes, phones, solar, energy etc, is just like writing more and more Android or iOS or other apps that can do something. What these upanishads are explaining, are, about us, the thought of “I”, transformation in us, which is completely different from the principles in this physical world.



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