The Gayatri Mantra

In my view, the Gayatri mantra, another one of those long list of mantras that are profound in meaning but highly misinterpreted to a point where people with some semblance of intelligence will look at the interpretation and reject it as tripe. One of those mantras that is attributed to all sorts of greatness and chanted mindlessly and using it for just evoking reverence and devotion instead of understanding and knowledge. One of those mantra which is always interpreted as external to “I” rather than “I” as the internal being that is a mantra referring to “us as a being”.

The major problem is “language” as I have said in this blog. If “vibrations of knowledge” or the “internal neural firings of a certain knowledge” can be transferred from one brain to another, then I am sure such problems would not exist. It is quite possible that the reason that in ancient times all these mantras were transferred through the word of mouth rather than by writing is because vibrations had to be transferred and there is no way to put that down in writing. It, more and more looks like the vibrations that get generated by the chanting of the mantra within the brain must generate the required understanding rather than the words themselves. It is a knowing that comes from within rather an understanding from something outside to ourselves.

In its original form, sanskrit (maybe not just sanskrit, many old languages) must have have had a particular way of chanting which must have simulated the correct nerves within the brain to form the thought. This is similar to the binaural beats is an auditory illusion where two tones are perceived as a totally different tone by the brain. After all what is speech, just vibrations based on how air is held and released. So, I am pretty sure there must be ways of simulating the brain neural systems by the correct control of air passage through the body. Sadly, we have now lost it due to mindless people who want to promote their own agenda and religion as opposed to knowing!! I question myself anymore are we really better off with written language as opposed to just transfer by word of mouth? We seem to think with language rather than letting understanding and knowing come. Then, isn’t language the reason for a lot of restrictions in terms of science, experiment and understanding. Our understanding flawed by the external!!

The Gayatri Mantra is this:

om bhur bhuvah svah
tát savitúr váreṇyaṃ
bhárgo devásya dhīmahi
dhíyo yó naḥ prachodayāt

As I have mentioned in the Mrythumjayam mantram everyone tends to leave out the most important syllable while translating these mantras. “OM”. I think the “OM” has to be included as “a vibration” and is very important to the meaning of the mantras. In this case, I find it is even more worse,  the first line itself is just ignored and attributed as “the vyahritis”. While I am sure the vyahritis have their significance, in this case only if interpreted here will the mantra have its complete meaning.

So, translating it we have this:

om bhur bhuvah svah = 
The vibration + to become + becoming + self 
tat + sa + vitur + varenyam  =
that + one + know/understand + to choose / to select
bhargo + devasya + dhimahi = 
light + energy + wisdom /intellect
dhiyo + yonah =
mindful / aware of + of origin 
prachodayat = 
is impelled to move in specific direction = impulse

Now, we if put this together and interpret it, looks like what is being said is:

OM knowing to choose that one light energy to become, 
thence becoming the self-aware with intellect, 
this being the origin of impulse

Here, we need to note a few things. I have split the “savitur” as “sa” + “vitur” that translates to “self” + “to know”  instead of leaving it as as single word translated to “Sun” which I think is Savitr and savitur. I have translated “bhargo devasya” as “light energy” instead  from what the standard translations say which is “the self-luminous one”. I find, “bhargo devasya” must have got the meaning because the first that is “savitur” was translated to “Sun” and “to know” does not go with it. Hence instead of fixing the first word, the second was translated to what fit the first. That “deva” should really translated to “energy”, I think is present in the “Aitreya Upanishad”. And further, I believe the devas the most of the Upanishads and vedas that refer to are really the various forms of energy such as heat energy, kinetic energy, nuclear energy and so on. But, that for the next blog.

Making these changes, I find the meaning transforms suddenly from being a dedication to the “Sun” to really a mantra that describes how the “impulse” within in us starts. “The OM” by choosing that “one vibration” to become from a number of “vibrations” has become intelligent and given rise to the impulse. The same “impulse” that is referred to by the “Isha Upanishad” which says this:

isavasyamidam sarvam yatkincya jagatyam jagat
tena tyaktena bhunjitha ma grdhah kasyasviddhanam

kurvannaeveha karmani jijiviset satam samah
evam tvayi nanyathetosthi na karma lipyate nare

Which translates to:

This entire world that is moving is covered by potential, hence give up this inquiry of who has impelled my experience of desires

This impulse is from within you and no other and as long as this impulse lasts so also lasts the action.

The Gayatri mantram seems to answer the question “how is this impulse that we are talking about created?” It is created because “OM” i.e., the 7.3Hz vibration has chosen a single light energy out multitude and by the act of doing so has become the observer and hence the “impulse” originated!!! Wow, imagine that!!

If we compare this to the translation of the Mrthyumjayam Mantram, it seems to be consistent with what is said there. There it says that the “OM” has pervaded all three worlds, hence creating attachment. Here, it says once that is done, the “OM” has chosen one among various and hence become this self.

If we compare this to the translation of the “Chandogya Upanishad“, we had a persistence of OM to create space and in this was created “Tejas” or “entropy” from where we got through a series of steps “vjnanam” or “coherence of force” which caused “awareness”. So, the choice that is being talked about here is definitely “choosing which set of forces cohere to form the focus”.

But, what is more interesting in this mantram is the word “choose”. Does this not really imply in various levels we all are formed where choice exists with us as to what we become. We have the proponents of “Positive thinking” tell us how by thinking “positive” we can make our life better. Can’t this be the correct answer to this? If “positiveness” is just a certain “vibration leading to a certain potential”, then constantly forcing the brain to be at that level of positiveness  we have chosen which vibrations cohere to form awareness and hence transform ourselves?

These mantras have a huge amount of information, if we only cared to know it for what they are rather than impose our ideas onto them.





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